My Weekend According to My iPhone // The Niagara Craft Beer Festival

1 // Brickworks Cider... so refreshing on a hot day!
2 // The Trews gave a killer performance.
3 // Oast Beer Battered Fish Tacos from El Gastro food truck, so good!
4 // Lake of Bays... my new favourite craft beer.
5 // USS sure knows how to excite a crowd.
6 // Two words... Pork Belly.
7 // This Squashed Pumpkin Porter changed my whole perception of dark beers.
8 // Hanging out backstage with Ash from USS #ClearlyHavingFun
9 // Wings with just the right amount of kick!

What did you get up to this past weekend?

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  1. I love the finish on the dresser but what plant is that and where did you get it from, I need one or several for my place