Winter Vacation: Travel Essentials

As I said earlier this week, I am pretty excited about this vacation. I'll admit I do travel a lot, but it's mostly for work. I haven't had a real vacation in almost 2 years. With all the traveling I have done this past year, I am kind-of a travel pro... I don't mean to brag, but tell me if you could squeeze a weeks worth of business attire + a DLSR camera into a carry on.

We all know traveling ain't easy. From waking up early to catch a flight, to hauling ass through the airport dragging your strategically, well-packed carry on, there are parts of a trip I wish I didn't have to experience. But through trial and error I have discovered a few travel essentials that make traveling anywhere a little easier.

Air Travel Essentials

What are some of your favourite travel items?


  1. loving your picks! I always make sure to have hand lotion and chapstick!

  2. Great picks! I am in serious need of a large tote bag!