I Could Live Here: Rustic Farm House

Lately I have been all about nature and rustic charm when it comes to decor, so when I came across Sarah Anderson's black-and-white Gothic Victorian in Sonoma, CA in February's issue of Country Living, my heart literally skipped a beat.

I mean, you can't get anymore dreamy than perfectly weathered furniture, distressed cabinetry, a 1940s Wedgewood stove, a century-old clock salvaged from a French train depot, and a stuffed dear head.

Inspired by this look, I pulled together a few items that would make any room, in any house, feel as rustic and dreamy as Sarah Anderson's.

All images via February 2013 issue of Country Living


  1. I love LOVE that table in the kitchen. One day, I want to have a kitchen that's big enough for a table pretty much just like that...

  2. I know, right? The table and the benches are my fav part of that kitchen!

  3. Love the cabinetry mixed with the vintage appliance .. and then the backsplash makes them pop!