Get Bundled Up! Coats for Winter Weather

With major drops in temperature this week (seriously, we went from +5°C all the way down to -23°C), I am now rethinking my winter coat... I have not bought a new, business casual winter coat in over 3 years. Although my current wool coat has held up quite well, it really isn't all that warm - especially on a day when it's -23°C outside. I am now torn between all these different styles of winter coats.... from wool to down-filled, there are so many options.

What type of coat do you have to keep warm on cold days?


  1. Oh I love them all! So cozy and chic!

  2. The Tasty GardenerJanuary 21, 2014 at 8:15 PM

    Love them all too! Though the first gray is my all time favorite. Gorgeous collar.

  3. Oh YES, I am totally in love with the collar! And the big buttons are a cute touch too!