Scenes from the Weekend: His & Hers Edition

I was feeling slightly more inspired this past weekend than usual, so I did something that I haven't done in a long time... I picked up some watercolours and painted. Lately I've been drawn to the simplistic beauty of trees... the birch tree in particular... with it's bold black & white bark, dark knots, and long slender trunk, I knew it would be the perfect subject for my painting.

Using the 2 matching Ikea Ribba frames I had on hand (from my recent trip to Ikea), my newest pieces of art found their home in our powder room. Love them!

While I painted away, "J" and his best friend tackled another project in the garage/man-cave... you guessed it, a work bench. Our garage is not finished (at the moment) leaving "J" with ample opportunity to construct whatever he wanted. After spending a few hours creating a mock-up in Google Sketch-Up (yes my man is talented like that!) he had his plans ready to go. A quick call to the local lumber-yard, and the pieces were cut and ready for pick-up.

After 2.5 hours the garage was filled with saw-dust and they had this work bench fully constructed. Now I'll just have to wait for the super cold weather to hit so "J" will stop asking me to "come hang out in the garage."
What did you get up to this past weekend?


  1. I wish I was as naturally talented as you! How nice to be able to CREATE the art you hang in your home! Great job!

  2. 1. I saw your paintings on instagram and loooved them. You are so talented!

    2. I want that in my garage. I'm saving that photo for my husband.

  3. 1. Thank you so much Christine, that is very kind of you to say.
    2. It was actually pretty easy to build "J" tells me... and the wood was relatively inexpensive. I say go for it!

  4. I really appreciate the kind words Caitlin! Thank you so much!