My Top 7: Ottawa Wine & Food Show Edition

First of all, it feels like forever since I wrote my last post. And secondly, what a busy week I just had! I feel as though I have been to the moon and back! For those of you who don't know, the earlier part of last week I was enjoying myself (and all the Obama Headquarters madness) in Chicago, followed up by a weekend long trip to Ottawa. Now happy to be back on home turf, here are the top seven things that made my weekend at the Ottawa Food & Wine Show...

1. Coffee // Thank goodness for Starbucks... once we hit hour 3 in the car I started to feel like I could use a good boost of caffeine. Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Latte is always the way to go!

2. Cinnamon & Sugar // Upon arrival in Ottawa we pretty much made a beeline to BeaverTails. Over the course of three days I managed to enjoy 2 of these delicacies. That should tide me over for another year....

3. The View from the Top // We were lucky enough to receive a tour of the World Exchange Center, which interestingly enough, included the roof. You could see all of Ottawa from up there.

4. Stunning Branding // I couldn't help but swoon over the beautiful branding of The Cupcake Lounge and The Unrefined Olive - it must be the simplicity...

5. The Bacon Trend // I had the opportunity to (thoroughly) enjoy a sampling of a Bacon Cupcake. It was just what you would expect - big chunks of bacon with a huge swirl of sweet icing to balance out the saltiness... so good.

6. Canapés // I couldn't help but make several trips to the Kingston booth, where award winning chef, Clark Day, was presenting a 3 course meal & wine pairing seminar. I tried my hardest to get into one of the very exclusive sittings, but unfortunately the tickets were sold out. I settled for the bite-sized canapés instead - Fresh Roasted Pepper & Chive Cheese with Sausage Speck on Butter Bakery Rye and Fire Spicy Spelt Focaccia, Hot Grainy Mustard, Fire Pickles & Sausage Chirizo.

7. Wonderful People // I am always amazed at the wonderful people I meet when I work these shows, this past weekend was no exception. The whole crew at the Unrefined Olive (the booth to our left), were simply wonderful. That said, I want to wish Elizabeth the best of luck with her grand opening in 3 days!

I'm feeling a bit out of "blog loop," so feel free to bring me up to speed - what did you get up to past week?


  1. I usually get Starbucks as a special treat once every few months. But since those darn tootin' red cups came out, I'm tellin ya. I'm all over the Peppermint White Mocha's. Deeee...lish.

    Gotta say, I'm loving all of your photography lately. Really nice eye catching pics.

  2. Yay ottawa!!! I hope you had a nice time. I've been meaning to go to the wine + food show... your photos are making me drool a little :)

  3. Beaver tails are a must whenever I'm in Ottawa!!