My Day at TweetStock High + 10 Tips for Bloggers & Businesses

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to attend TweetStock, an event designed to educate businesses about social media and teach them how to grow their brand. I was actually very surprised by the turn out, as well as the social skill levels of all the attendees (which ranged from beginner to expert). To hold a conference and appeal to the many varying levels of skill and expertise is quite the accomplishment!

My schedule for the day was a full one - an opening assembly with Un-Principal Scott Stratten, followed by sessions on Voice of a Brand, How Social Media and Numbers Lie, Social SEO, and Social Media Strategy.

Of course we had lunch in the TweetStock High Cafeteria where I was joined by two cool kids (Shannon of PTPPodcast and TJ of Dear Photograph)... and yes, we ate our lunches out of brown paper bags! Nice touch by the catering!

I found a lot of the speakers' content, remarks and observations could not only be applied to businesses but bloggers as well. Your blog, your twitter account, your facebook page - it's all a part of your "blogger brand" so why not treat it the same way a business would? It's all about engaging with your followers, building a trusting relationship, and creating content/stories that will keep them coming back. Out of the days worth of wonderful comments I as able to pull 10 that I believe would benefit businesses and bloggers alike.

10 Tips for Bloggers & Businesses:
  1. Do great things and you will be talked about in social media. ~ @unmarketing
  2. Passion + Knowledge = Awesome ~ @unmarketing
  3. You can't automate awesome! It's the people that make it awesome! ~ @unmarketing
  4. Social media fixes nothing, it just amplifies. ~ @unmarketing
  5. Twitter is not dictation, it's conversation. ~ @unmarketing
  6. Branding is what you do... it's your actions. Social influence is your brand, it's always changing. ~ @unmarketing
  7. Content is free. Context is where the value is! ~ @RLavigne42
  8. Anything you say about your business is a claim. Anything someone else says about you is a fact. Get testimonials. ~ @johnmorgan
  9. The future of business is marketing WITH people... not AT them. ~ @johnmorgan
  10. Make a list of all the things your competitors don't do, and go do them! ~ @johnmorgan

I was also pretty happy to snag a copy of Scott Stratten's new book "The Book of Business Awesome"... and  I can't wait to start reading it! (pssst! If you hurry over to you can snag a copy for only $3.98!).


  1. Thanks for including my "Content is Free. Context is where the Value is!" message in your post Brittany. Glad to see you had a great time at #TweetstockHigh.

  2. Thanks Robert for stopping by to leave a comment. I really enjoyed your session, so thank you for taking the time to speak!

  3. My pleasure. Starting to post content up from the session over at

  4. Nice post.
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???

  5. Catherine JacquemainNovember 22, 2012 at 12:19 AM

    What a great summary of the day. Thanks This was my 3rd Tweetstock and will not be my last one.

  6. Thanks Chris! Your session on numbers was quite insightful as well!

  7. Thanks Trevor, but I think I should be thanking you for putting on such a great event!

  8. Thank you Catherine, I hope you found it helpful. This was my 1st Tweetstock and I as well don't think it will be my last. See you at the next one!