A Well Styled Entryway

Styling an Entryway

The entryway in a home is often one that is overlooked when decorating, but once a visitor passes through your door, the front hallway is where they gain a real sense of your style. Whether it be dramatic or neutral, this is the place where the true first impression of your home is made - so make it a good one.

After my experience painting the stripes in my front entryway, I am looking forward to the styling part. So far we have the console table "J" scored one Friday afternoon back in July, the old bucket we found at the Aberfoyle market in August, and a large mirror my dad gave me last year. Still much to be desired, but a good start!

What piece do you think would make a great first impression in your home?


  1. i love that console thingy and the runner! Especially with all the bits surrounding it. Looking forward to the reveal!

  2. Thanks Janine! I fell in love with the console when I saw it on HomeSav... not sure why I didn't buy it, but now I have one that is similar.