My Weekend According to My iPhone

1. I attended the annual walk for my charity...
2. ... it rained the entire time, but we raised $90,000 for Scleroderma.

3. I did some waiting around for my dad's birthday dinner...
4. We went to Del Dente's... I had the Chicken Tetrazzini. So good!

5. Sunday morning "J" and I headed to Aberfoyle where I fell in love with this rail cart coffee table.
6. So much stuff... I'm not sure what this is called, but it's cool!

7. Letterpress letters! I grabbed a J&B for a future project.
8. "J" fell in love with this mini cannon... I couldn't talk him out of buying it.

8. Later that afternoon we got started on our antique projects....
9. Here's a sneak peek of our barrel all stained...

I had a pretty busy weekend to say the least... but it was nice to get out, see my family, and spend some "fun time" with "J."

I'm heading to Chicago for work tomorrow, so it might be quiet around here this week... see you in a few!

How was your weekend? Did you relax?


  1. Great finds! I'm hoping to get out to Aberfoyle a few times this summer.

  2. I love that he bought the mini cannon! Amazing and hilarious. LOL  And at least it was mini.

  3. I actually couldn't talk him out of it! He was dead set on having a mini cannon... in our living room!

  4. this is my first time visiting your blog and i recognized the photos from your aberfoyle trip. I saw those exact items and it really caught my attention! You have a fantastic blog! Can;t wait to learn more!

  5. Aberfoyle certainly is a fun place, I could spend all day there! Thanks, come back anytime!