Holiday Goodies: Printable Holiday Shopping List

Despite having a fail weekend on the home reno front {let's just say there were several trips to Home Depot}, "J" and I stroked a lot off our Christmas Shopping List... Believe it or not, I am half done!

And with only 20 shopping days left until Christmas, I thought I would put together a little Printable Holiday Shopping List to help those in need of a little organization. Go ahead, download it, print it, use it. It will only make you more organized, not buy you more time, so you better get on it!

Download Free Printable Holiday Shopping List.

How was your weekend? Did you get a lot accomplished?


  1. Printing them out when I get to the office today - YAY! I am about half done with my shopping, too. Seeing all of the money fly out of my bank is depressing but as soon as I get to wrapping and sending, I'll be smiling :)

  2. I had a HUGELY productive weekend on the Christmas front - bought most of the supplies I need for Christmas baking, and I'm now about 95% done shopping, including stocking stuffers. Phewf!  But the bank account took a big hit...eeek! lol

  3. There is something about being half done that is sort of exciting... although, I tend to spend double the time on the remaining half for some reason.. I'll be wrapping hopefully by the 18th!

  4. I can't say enough about being hugely productive! Does it not feel great? I need to finish up my baking too... Oh gosh, I'm trying not to look at the bank account, but so far I know I have done pretty good because there were only 2 items I have purchased that were not on sale!