Weekender Bags

Lately my travel schedule has been... a little hectic. I felt as though every week I was taking a plane trip somewhere (first it was Poughkeepsie... then St Lucia... followed by New York). And while this weekend I am not hopping on a plane, I am taking a mini "staycation." You see, one of my bestest blogging friends is celebrating her birthday, and in true food blogger fashion we are going to commemorate the occasion by getting manicures, stuffing our faces at Valdez, and playing Cards Against Humanity in our PJ's. But what makes this weekend so great is that I finally found an awesome & affordable weekender bag for all my travel necessities! You can't go wrong with a classic white and blue striped duffle!

Vacation Time: St Lucia & Bahamas

Let me just say, what a vacation! I can't put into words how beautiful the island of St Lucia is, and our resort (although far from the airport) was the perfect place to get away from it all. And despite our emergency landing in Bahamas it was pretty uneventful and relaxing... just the way I like my vacations!

A Week At The Beach

As we speak I am boarding a plane and heading to the beautiful St. James Club Morgan Bay in sunny St. Lucia! Obviously this trip could not have come at a better time, seeing we have received an incredible amount of snow in the past three days (last I counted there was over 6 inches in our backyard)! Trading paperwork for mojitos and conference calls for the sounds of the ocean, I am sooooo looking forward to escaping reality for the next five days! See you on the other side!

My Top 7: The Best of 2015

It's truly amazing how quickly a year can go by. 365 days. 12 months. 52 weeks. All gone by in the blink of an eye! And while the year flew by, I am happy to say it was one of my best yet! Lots of travel, projects, and even a new addition to the family! Here's a little look back at my Top 7 moments from 2015:

1. House // "J" and I tackled several major house projects this year, and even a few small ones! In February I revealed our very white guest bedroom. In April we decided our black appliances had to go, and we upgraded them with LG's beautiful stainless steel line. In May I spent close to 24 hours on my hands and knees staining our deck, and at the end of June we completed our beautiful covered patio! And there's lots more to come in 2016!
2. Family // My little fur-baby turned 2 on December 15th... but she still acts like she's 6 months old puppy! My sister Nikki welcomed her first-born son on November 7th - Lincoln Ralph! Hooray for more kiddos to spoil!
3. Blogging // My "slow blogging" trend continued through 2015 as I focused on quality over quantity. I contributed to Houzz, Urban Barn, and the brand new Hello Yellow Blog. I also worked with some fabulous brands in 2015 including Home Depot, Urban Barn, Delta, SodaStream, Leon's, Disaronno, and CIL, just to name a few. In March I was invited to speak at AMPED (with the uber talented Alison Burke of Impressions PR), and six months later I attended BlogPodium where I had the opportunity to meet lifestyle blogger extraordinaire, Jillian Harris.
4. Travel // The amount of business travel I do in a year never ceases to amaze me. It's fun to look back and see all the incredible places I've had the opportunity to visit; from Puerto Rico and Nashville, to Seattle and Vancouver; I definitely wracked up the air miles this year! Unfortunately, "J" and I didn't take a vacation in 2015, but rather opted for a long weekend away in Algonquin with Maddy. Of course patience pays off... we'll be travelling to St. Lucia next week!
5. DIY // Besides the major DIY projects "J" and I tackled this year (the guest bedroom nightstands and the patio cover), I was definitely taking it easy in the DIY department. We did a quick faucet update in the kitchen, I made some beautiful napkin rings for Thanksgiving, and I gave a little facelift to a kitchen step-stool. Easy peasy stuff!
6. Food // Food became a major part of my blog in 2015. And while I only published 16 recipes last year, there were many fails behind the scenes (like my Chipits "Christmas Crack" recipe... we won't talk about that one)! Some of my favourite recipes of all time are ones that I developed in 2015, including my lobster rolls, chocolate peanut butter panna cotta and eggnog bread pudding!
7. Business // Business was great in 2015; bringing opportunities that I never could have imagined, including developing an entire recipe book for some of Ontario's commodity boards, managing the social media for BlogPodium, and even a new partnership (which I can't reveal too much about, yet).
What as the best apart of your 2015?